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Welcome to scanning this website about our tread plate, more information about us through our "pursue", "mission", "motion", "feature", "goal".

High Quality Is Our Pursue.

Product quality is the most important parts of business and customer pays more attention to the quality. Only the high quality product can meet the customers. so we pursue the high quality product all the way, we use the high quality material, for example, Pre-galvanized steel (ASTM A-924-G90), aluminum alloy 5052H32, etc. Adopting the professional punched, bending machines, embossed machine. We strictly control quality, inspect the thickness, width, length, weight, etc. The packing uses wood pallet with waterproof bandage, steel bar, carton paper to protect the plate and grating.

Good Service Is Our Mission.

The product is not separated from service, product is service. What' more the service is good, we stress the service and consider it as our mission. When our customer make a order, we will keep the close contact with them, tell them where the production has been and sent them production photos. It is to make them assured. Besides, we pursue the goods to make sure it can reach destination on time. At last, we will ask our customer's advice and we can solve it in the future. The good service make us has a high reputation.

Constant Innovation Is Our Motion.

We become a professional and leader fabricator and distributor in because we make the constant innovation as our mission. Innovation is a company life, only a company feels the intense competition and innovates product, adopts new technology, they can become more stronger in the competition. Our company combines the innovative talents and elder employees, and support them to develop new technology and product. Their constant innovation make us more excellent.

Humane Management Is Our Feature.

As we all know, customer is our god, actually, the employee is also our god. They play a important role in the production: the high quality tread plate, good service and constant innovation have a close contact with them. So we pay more attention to the development of our employees and take humane management. During the production, everyone is equal. We give them understanding, caring, and let them take part in the production management, respecting and believing them. As long as they have the basic quality, we could offer them the more obligation and pressure to enhance them. Besides, we not only award them by substance but also sent them study abroad, thus they can feel that they exist in our company and make a difference for company.

Mutual Benefit Is Our Goal.

Our company develops in harmony with society. So we are not only aimed enhancing ourselves but also reflect to the society. We make a contribute our ability to help the poor area develop, providing them the work chance, building school, offering them food.

Doing a business is not easy, so we not only pay more attention to our benefits but also consider customer benefits. The benefit should be mutual. Our customers development means that we can develop for a long time.

If you want to get more information of tread plate, please kindly contact with us. We are happy to reply your question and looking forward to build cooperation with yours.