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Interlock safety grating plank make of low carbon steel has a surface of long round end-slots to provide an half open area. The open area allows water and waste drop from area. It is available in four styles–interlocking male/female, female/female, male/male and non-interlocking male/male. planks are easy to install with interlocking side channels that lock together. It is widely used for industrial and commercial area.

3 different patterns interlock safety grating plank

Interlock safety grating patterns: FM, FF, MM

One sheet interlock safety grating

Interlock safety grating smooth surface

2 sheet interlock safety gratings: one is smooth surface with FM, another is traction surface with MM type

Interlock safety gratings with FM and MM types lock together


  • Material: carbon Steel, hot dipped mill-galvanized steel
  • Gauge: 14 gauge, 18 gauge steel or 16 gauge (special)
  • Finish: mill galvanized before fabrication
  • Width: 12", 9", 6", or 3" filler panel
  • Height: 1-1/2", 2-1/2", 3", or 4" (4" supplied FM flange only) (3", 4" heights are available by special order)
  • Length: 12', 20' or 24' (other lengths to order)
  • Flange option: FM (female/male), MM (male/male), or FF (female/female)
  • Surface: MG (traction grip) or MS (smooth-available by special order)


  1. Self-cleaning and self draining.
  2. High load capacity.
  3. Slip resistance in every direction.
  4. Anti-rust.
  5. Anti-corrosion.
  6. Easy to install and lock together.
  7. Ideal for all weather condition.
  8. Long life.

It is widely used for industrial and commercial platforms, rooftop walkway, crossovers and other places.

Interlock safety grating used for rooftop

Interlock safety grating for rooftop

Interlock safety grating used for flooring

Interlock safety grating for flooring

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