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Perforated-o safety grating walkway is one metal channels produced with integral side toe boards projecting above the walking surface of the flooring. these channels provide safe, economical, slip-resistant options for long span walkways. It's ideal for elevated walkways or conveyor catwalks.

One galvanized perforated-o safety grating walkway

Perforated-o safety grating walkway

One galvanized perforated-o safety grating walkway

Galvanized perforated-o safety grating walkway detail

Materials: pre-Galvanized Steel (ASTM A-924-G90): 11 and 13 gauge.

Diamond Pattern Width Channel Depth Pre-galvanized Weight lb/ft
13 Holes 24" 5" 11 Ga., 13 Ga. 11.8
16 Holes 30" 5" 11Ga., 13 Ga. 13.6
16 Holes 36" 5" 11Ga., 13 Ga. 15.9


  1. High slip resistance
  2. Anti-rust
  3. Anti-corrosion
  4. Easy and quick to install.

Because the Perforated-o safety grating is made of integral side toe boards. It has the large holes to keep the walkway clean and has punched small holes to provide high slip resistance, it is ideal for elevated walkways or conveyor catwalks, etc.

Perforated-o safety grating plank installed on elevated-walkways

Perforated-o safety grating plank for elevated-walkways

Perforated-o safety grating walkway installed on machines

Perforated-o safety grating walkway for industry

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